Micro MT plus Yellow


El F6S es un patín provisto de materiales y un diseño únicos. Su tonalidad verde botella lo hace muy diferente a todo el resto aportándole una personalidad especial. Es un patín fabricado para durar a todo tipo de patinadores.

Es el patín más versátil de freeskate actualmente. Es como tener un patín de rutas freeskate y de slalom en un sólo patín gracias a la guía Ego que con los tornillos excéntricos en las puntas de la guía permite el cambio de rockering a flat facilmente.

Sus arcos reforzados de 4 mm, su enorme resistencia a saltos golpes convierte a la guía Ego en una de las mejores guías del mercado.

Size chart
Size chart
EuropeCmUnited KingdomEEUUJapan
35 22.8 2 3.5 21.5
36 23.5 3 4.5 22.5
37 24.1 4 5 23
38 24.8 5 6 23.5
39 25.4 6 6.5 24.5
40 26 7 7 25
41 26.7 8 7.5 25.5
42 27.3 9 8.5 26.5
43 27.9 10 9 27
44 28.6 11 10 28
45 29.2 12 11 29
46 29.8 13 12 30
47 30.5 14 13 31

  • Yellow
  • 40
  • 43
  • 44
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The Yellow MT plus skate, is a skate to start without limits in the world of freeskate and get to have a medium level without limits!

Hu last is a little wide, for those more sensitive feet, or robust ankles. Its boot is very comfortable, its foam is composed so that it adapts very well to the shape of your foot and leg. It can be removed for washing or exchanged for another one.

The instep is closed in millimetres for greater support, allowing for much more control of movement.

For a start in the world of freeskate they are a blast!

The guide (243) is designed to withstand the vast majority of shocks that are generated when practicing the tricks. It is reinforced and quite lightweight.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Removable liner
Washable liner
Adjustable mounting
Reinforcement internal arches
165mm mounting
Interchangeable slider
Millimeter instep closure
Plastic closure
Screw bolts
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