Roex Experience - Learn to skate for free

At Roex we really know our goal, to create and train skaters to raise up the rollerblading world. That's why from Roex we offer totally free skating lessons practically every day of the week.

In Roex we have the best and most beautiful teachers in the universe, split into different categories and levels so you can learn the modality you need, always adjusting to your level.

From the most basic initiation, to the most advanced skating with slides and jumps, oh! and all this also for children!

- Sounds amazing, but if I don´t have skates?

No worries, we are aware of how annoying is to buy everything necessary to start any activity, without even knowing if you are going to enjoy the activity. Even worse, buy too basic equipment to start, and end up fighting with a poor quality material when you discover that if that was your thing.

That's why in Roex we have a free skate loan service so you can learn with us without having to spend a single euro, and discover if skating is really your thing.

This is the philosophy we follow in the shops we currently have in Spain. You can find us both in Barcelona and Burgos.

Click on any of the photos if you want more information and to know the schedule of our classes and our events.

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