Next to Barcelona Roex shop you can find a bicycle, scooters and skates rental shop. Rental Scoot Barcelona and Roex have an colaboration with the purpose of lending free skates to all the people who comes to our free classes.

We have free classes from monday to saturday, if you havent heard about it, check the schedules on FACEBOOK or on our WEBSITE.

But if our classes are not enough for you, or the schedule does not suit your needs, Rental Scooter Barcelona also has skates rental service so you can use them whenever you want!

In addition, they also rent scooters and bicycles, not to mention how nice and handsome they all are.

If you want to know more information, do not hesitate to contact them.

+34 640 559 468

Whats you excuse for not beeing skating right now?

  1 HOUR   5€
  2 HOURS   10€
  24 HOURS   15€
  2 DAYS   20€
  1 WEEK   60€
  EXTRA DAY   10€
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