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ROEX Inline Skate and rollerblading shop of Barcelona

Inline Skate shop Rollerblading in Barcelona

If you are looking for a Rollerblading shop or an Inline Skate shop in Barcelona, ROEX offers something that no other inline skate shop in town can offer. It is the only 100% inline skate dedicated shop in the city and all of the people that work at ROEX come from an inline skating background.

The advantage of a rollerblading shop run by skaters is knowledge of the product. All of the products that are sold at ROEX have first been tested and approved by the workers and team. ROEX has a very careful selection process when it comes to stock and all products have to fulfill certain needs before we will offer them to customers.

Rollerblading inline skate shop barcelona

Rollerblading inline skate shop barcelona

Even the most beginner and basic skates must be strong enough to support the ankle of the skater. ROEX does not stock any skates, independently of the price or the pressure of the suppliers, that can provoke injury or that are inadequate for learning how to skate on. Sadly, this is not the case in most other inline skate shops.

ROEX rollerblading shop also stock products that have easily replaceable parts, meaning a truly worry free 2 year guarantee alongside long lasting customer service should there ever be a problem.

Rather than fill the shelves with hundreds of different skates on offer, ROEX carefully selects the best skates available on the market, taking into account price, comfort, and reliability. We take into account also different shaped feet, different budgets and individual future requirements. Most of our goods are inter-compatible with all aftermarket inline skate goods.

Being so careful to select the best products for a customers skating needs means that ROEX has become one of the most famous specialist inline skating stores in the world, as well as having one of the highest reviews and ratings among all inline skate shops worldwide.

Shop adress
ROEX Roller Outlet
C/ Salvador Espriu 63C
08005 Barcelona
+34 93 221 4321

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We also have an Outlet and a FREE skate school!

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